DJ Equipment Rentals

AURA Systems is your #1 source for DJ equipment rental in Houston.  Our DJ equipment is meticulously maintained, and is always guaranteed (when used properly) or your money back.  What makes us truly stand out, however, is our onsite DJ equipment delivery and setup service for the entire Houston metro area.  No driving around the streets of Houston trying to locate DJ equipment, or leaving your event to pick it up at the last second. You can contact us for DJ equipment rentals at any hour, any day- we’re not your typical 9-5 company that is only open during the week.  If you call at 10:30PM on a Saturday night, the odds are good that we are out and about delivering DJ equipment rentals and sound and lighting equipment rentals all over Houston, and we would love to do our best to accommodate YOUR DJ equipment rental request!

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There are no guarantees, but we do our absolute best to accommodate last minute requests, and get you the DJ equipment you need FAST.  If we do not have the equipment on hand, we will exhaust all of our resources to locate what you need.  If it can be found, we will find it*. Don’t waste your time- let us do the work for you.

DJ Equipment Rental Items

The list below contains our most common DJ equipment rental items with their prices for one day rentals.  We have several of many of these products in stock, but some weekends are busier than others so you should always reserve DJ equipment in advance.   We can also handle rental requests for less common or difficult to find DJ equipment.  If it isn’t something we have in stock, we can probably find it if you put in a rental request in advance.  Trust us- we know all the right people and get all the right discounts. NOTE: Some of the categories below have their own dedicated pages, so please click the buttons to view the items in those categories.

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DJ Mixer Rentals

CDJ's and Turntables**

Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKIII $60 Details  Video Walkthrough & Review

Pioneer CDJ-2000 $100 Details Official Promo Video

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS $150 Details Official Promo Video

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 $175 Details Official Introduction Video

Technics Turntables $150 pair ($75 ea) Details

Powered Speakers and Subs**

Mackie SRM 150 $25

QSC K8 $40

QSC K10 $45

QSC K12 $65

QSC KW152 $75

Speaker Stand or Speaker Pole $10

QSC KSub Powered Subwoofer $75

QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofer $100

JBL VRX932LAP Powered Line Array Loudspeaker $125

Other Accessories
DJ Booth, various sizes & color options $125

UberStand Laptop Stand, $10

Crane Laptop Stand, $20

8 Port Ethernet Switch $25 (with up to 5 ethernet cables)

7 Port Powered USB Hub $25 (1x 3′ USB 3.0 Cable & 1x PSU & 6x USB Cables)

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*Fees may apply for requests on the day of the event, or if DJ equipment must be sourced from a remote location.

**Everything comes with required power cables.  RCA and digital RCA cables as well as control records and control disks are available upon request.