Our Team

Miguel Medina, Proprietor

Miguel puts his heart and soul into his company.  He has been involved in the audio visual industry for almost 15 years, and what was originally a hobby has grown into the thriving business you see today.  Miguel also has a strong background in IT, computers and electrical systems.  Far from just a name behind the scenes, he will be the one who meets with the customer, does consultations, and answers customer phone calls at all hours of the day and night.  On event days, you will find him out with his crew- rolling in massive subwoofers and climbing trusses to install lights.  Miguel is always eager to get the opportunity to try bigger and more extravagant setups, or do types of events AURA Systems has never done before.  He likes to upgrade his equipment whenever possible, and takes pride in being a provider of the biggest, baddest equipment in the industry.  To him, the hardest part of the job is also one of the best: AURA Systems seems to grow faster and faster every month.  Most of his new customers become regular customers, and he tries his best to accommodate every event.  Managing an expanding company is more than a full time job- but fortunately, it’s one he loves. He also says he owes much of his success to the hard work and loyalty of his team.

(Languages spoken: English, Spanish)


Matt Allen, Technical Specialist

Matt began working for AURA Systems on April 1st, 2011 after being recommended for the job by Miguel’s sister Chelsi.  Matt has been DJ’ing for five years, so even though he’s had to learn a ton of new skills in the last few months, it was a natural transition and he has quickly become very knowledgeable about a wide range of equipment.  AURA Systems team members are responsible for a large number of  tasks and operations during events, but Matt prefers running lights over monitoring sound because he says it’s more interactive and keeps you busy throughout the event.  Of the various types of events AURA Systems provides services for, Matt’s favorites are events with live DJ’s or artists like Rusko, Breakage, Borgore, Gritsy and others.  So what’s the toughest part and the most rewarding part of working for AURA Systems?  “The toughest part of the job is the long hours, but when you’re doing something you love and you’re surrounded by an amazing crew, it doesn’t matter anymore.  The most rewarding part of the job is the experience, the people I get to meet, and watching the show and thinking ‘we did that!’”


Rey David Hernandez, Technical Specialist

David has been working for Miguel for 3 years, before Miguel’s company became AURA Systems.  Prior to his work with Miguel, David worked for 3 years in Mexico doing small events and private parties.  David met Miguel at a former job, and after talking, Miguel asked if David was interested in doing events and moving sound equipment.  He says, “I told Miguel, ‘of course!’ Music is my life.”  David likes to do live events that involve monitoring sound and running lights.  It’s impressive and rewarding to see all the faces of happy people having fun, and he enjoys the adrenaline and pressure of working on stage.  His favorite events so far were the Rusko/Gritsy show at Stereo Live, and Summer Sessions at Lake Conroe, both in 2010.  An example of a gig he wasn’t expecting to like, but ended up enjoying was when AURA Systems used to do sound for rock bands at Rocbar, a Houston club that has since closed.  David thinks the toughest part of the job is probably disconnecting and breaking down the equipment at the end of each event- it can be a daunting task after a long day and a long event, when the crowds have all gone home.  But, he says, hearing people recognize your work and give you thanks can be incredibly rewarding, and makes even the tough parts easy to come back to.  David is also looking forward to learning more about digital sound systems, new lighting effects, and video production.  As AURA Systems grows, there are more and more opportunities to learn new things and use new equipment.  For David, music is his passion- and working for AURA Systems has given him the chance to meet important and influential people in the music industry, and has allowed him to be in situations and places he never thought he’d be.

(Languages spoken: Spanish, English)


John Mark Sanders, Technical Specialist

John began working for AURA Systems in July 2011.  As a regular at Gritsy shows, one day he stayed after to talk to Miguel and inquire about joining the AURA Systems team.  He started by helping the team load out at a few shows, and before long he found himself monitoring sound and running lights at the same events he used to attend as one of the crowd.  John’s favorite events are still Gritsy shows and dubstep shows in general- specifically, anything with the Wall of Bass is guaranteed to rank high in his book. That’s why monitoring sound is his favorite type of work; as he calls it, giving people “bass faces”! Getting to hear his favorite tunes from his own iPod while sound checking the Wall of Bass before shows and getting to watch people’s reactions to the Wall of Bass during events are some of the most unique and rewarding parts of  his job.  Similar to his fellow AURA Systems co-workers, working for AURA Systems has given John the chance to appreciate and be a part of events he wouldn’t have otherwise been interested in.  For example, he wasn’t impressed with the idea of Dayglow, but changed his tune after working the event.  However, agreeing with the rest of the AURA Systems team, it’s not all roses- driving home at 6 in the morning after working all day and night can be a grueling routine.  One of the things he hopes to get involved in is learning how to build and repair speakers.  So what makes AURA Systems feel like home?  His favorite quote holds the answer: “I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.” –George Eliot